FLASH IN THE DARK, Dogleg Island Mystery # 5, Now Available

All your questions will be answered!

Dogleg Island Police Chief Aggie Malone has spent years searching for the identity of her birth father.  Now, thanks to a home DNA test, she has a lead… but it’s taking her in a direction she never could have imagined, and desperately does not want to go.  Because the evidence suggests that Aggie could be the daughter of the infamous Angelo, head of the deadly Ghost Syndicate crime empire. 

Matters become more complicated when Aggie’s canine partner, Flash, discovers an abandoned child on the beach. The little girl can tell them nothing about how she got there, but she is clutching a Santa Muerte statuette—a symbol of protection in Hispanic culture, but also the notorious insignia for a drug cartel.   Aggie’s husband, Deputy Sheriff Ryan Grady, becomes involved when the case intersects with his own investigation into the Ghost Syndicate, leading them all down a dark path fill with treachery and deceit in which no one is above suspicion.

Grady unearths a secret organization with sinister connections to the past that may provide the key to bringing down the Ghost Syndicate.  Aggie comes closer to discovering Angelo’s true identity and, perhaps, the truth about her own parentage.   But even as the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place, a plan for revenge that has been decades in the making is unfolding around them.  Unless Aggie, Grady and Flash can stop it they risk losing everything they love… even Dogleg Island itself.

Don’t miss this shocking conclusion to the “Angel Trilogy”!  


Murder Creek Now Available

It seems we've been waiting forever but the 14th installment in the Raine Stockton Mystery series goes on sale today.  Here are the Amazon links:

https://www.amazon.com/dp/0996561099   (print version)
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084T96C6V (kindle version)

https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w?ean=2940162830351 (nook version)

This is a good time to stay home and read, folks!

Murder Creek


Raine Stockton knows dogs, not kids.  Nonetheless, she is supremely confident in her ability to take care her fiancĂ©’s ten year old daughter, Melanie, for a week while he is out of town.   After all, how hard could it be?

But things get complicated when Raine and her golden retriever, Cisco, rescue a dog who is locked in a hot car in a remote Smoky Mountain park… and subsequently discover the owner of that car drowned in the creek only a few dozen yards away.  Was it an accident, or was it murder?

Raine is certain that she recognizes the abandoned dog from her puppy training class six years ago.  Mere months later, the dog, along with his three-year-old owner, disappeared from the child’s bedroom during the night and were never seen again.  Now the dog is back, and Raine is convinced his reappearance might hold the key to the truth about the missing child.  The problem is that no one believes her.

While Raine tries to unravel the mystery of the abandoned dog’s past—and a six-year-old missing child case—her ex-husband, criminal investigator Buck Lawson, opens an investigation into the death of the man in whose car the dog was found.  He soon finds himself involved in another cold case, one that leads him from an apparent serial killer in Florida to a murder in his own hometown.

The one thing that ties the two cases together is the dog whose shadowy history opens the door to questions better left unasked, and whose answers may prove to be deadly.  But when lives are in danger, it is up to Raine and Cisco to track down the truth, even though it means risking someone she loves. 

Pieces of Eight


A deadly explosion at an archeological dig on Dogleg Island plunges police chief Aggie Malone and her canine partner Flash into a dark mystery from the past.

On the other side of the bridge, Deputy Sheriff Ryan Grady, still reeling from the brutal assassination of his ex-partner, stumbles onto the site of a mass murder. 
In the midst of a state-wide manhunt for a desperate fugitive, Aggie deals with a new island administrator who threatens the future of police department, while Grady is stalked by a mysterious stranger with an agenda of his own. 

As the pieces of the investigations fall into place, Aggie and Grady begin to see that their cases, though separated by fifty years, are more alike than they are different… but only Flash knows how they are connected.  And by whom.

When a family tragedy is traced back to the elusive Ghost Syndicate, the fight for justice turns fiercely personal for Aggie, Grady, and Flash.  And this time it’s a fight they can’t afford to lose. 

Don’t miss this exciting sequel to Flash of Brilliance, nominee for Dog Writers Association of America’s Best Fiction Book of the Year!

The Devil's Deal: Raine Stockton Mystery #13

Coming November 29, 2018!

From the winner of the Dog Writer’s Association of America “Best Fiction Book of the Year 2017”award comes this thrilling new installment in the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery series.

The annual Hansonville, North Carolina Founder’s Day Festival always draws plenty of locals and tourists alike who are eager to immerse themselves in the Smoky Mountain culture and show their support for local businesses and civic organizations.  For dog trainer and Humane Society volunteer Raine Stockton, it’s a perfect opportunity to raise money for the local animal shelter.  But when a stranger wanders into her fund-raising booth with his young daughter and their beautiful black Lab, the peaceful country afternoon is turned into chaos.  Within  moments the man is arrested for murder, his child is placed in foster care, and Raine finds herself the temporary custodian of what may well be the most valuable dog in the world. 

 While Raine’s ex-husband, the newly appointed county investigator Buck Lawson, tries to sort out the tangled threads of a murder case that isn’t even his own, Raine discovers that the man they’ve taken into custody is the world-famous research scientist Dr. Jason Broderick and that the Labrador, Bongo, is one of an elite group of dogs Broderick has bred and trained to detect concealed micro-technology.  Raine can’t believe that someone she so admires could be guilty of murder, particularly when she learns that one of his associates is her own fiancĂ©, Miles Young.   But is her faith in both men misplaced?

It turns out that Bongo has skills that go beyond even those of his fellow scent-detecting canines—skills that are worth billions of dollars to some people, and are worth killing for to others.   When the unthinkable happens and an innocent life is placed in jeopardy, Raine is forced to make a terrible choice:  one that will shake her to her very core and cause her to question not only herself, but everything she has ever believed.

This thirteenth installment of the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery series begins a story arc that will take the lives of Raine, Miles and Buck down paths they had never before imagined.  Don't miss it!

A special gift for Hummingbird House readers!  This short novella (about 80 pages) is offered for Kindle and Nook only this summer for $2.99.  It is not available in print.   

Paul and Derrick organize a Book Lovers’ Gala Weekend at the Hummingbird House, featuring none other than the Queen of Romance, Esmerelda Delaware, as their guest speaker.  Despite dire warnings from Harmony-- the Hummingbird House’s massage therapist, general manager, and resident mystic-- that the stars could not be more misaligned for such an event, they even invite the members of their old book club, many of whom they haven’t seen in years.  Of course, the problem with reunions is that everyone changes with time and some of those changes are more dramatic than others. Add to this a secret crush about to be made public, a secret identity about to be exposed, and an 84-year-old queen married to a 24-year-old prince, and the weekend quickly deteriorates into a web of deception and evasion. As they watch their grand extravaganza slowly spin into chaos, Paul and Derrick are forced to admit their mistakes, and are reminded once again that honesty is always the best policy… or is it?

If you enjoy this novella, look for a collection of similar stories-- to be offered in both print in electronic format!--in the future.  


Coming December 9, 2017

Pre Order Here

Book #12 in the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series

Hollywood has come to the scenic Smoky Mountain community of Hanover County, and dog trainer Raine Stockton can’t resist the opportunity when her dogs are offered a chance at a role in the film. Naturally, she expects her showy golden retriever, Cisco, to win the part, but Cisco’s impetuous nature does him in, and the role goes to her twin Australian Shepherds, Mischief and Magic. For the first time in his young life, Cisco is left behind.

Film-making turns out not to be as exciting as Raine had expected, and the only upside to the long, mostly boring days is the new friend she makes on the set, a stuntwoman by the name of Dallas McKenzie. But it doesn’t take Raine long to discover that Dallas is a woman of secrets and lies, and trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes. The set is plagued by accidents and vandalism, and Dallas always seems to be at the center of everything that goes wrong. But even Raine can’t imagine how wrong things have yet to go.

Meanwhile, Raine agrees to investigate a case for her lawyer friend Sonny involving a service dog who is accused of biting a child. The case seems open and shut until Cisco, who is beginning to show some talent as a medical alert dog, sniffs out evidence that throws previous theories into disarray—and may shed some light into the mysterious happenings on the movie set. But when Cisco and Raine start to track down answers, they find murder instead. 

In a world where nothing is what it seems, it’s up to Raine and Cisco to find the truth… before it’s too late. 

Order from Amazon HERE for December 9 release

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