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On the Trail Again

Deep in the heart of the Smoky Mountain wilderness there are a thousand things that will kill you. One of them is human.

Wilderness expert and dog trainer Raine Stockton agrees to help lead a survival skills training camp for her fiancé’s executive team.  She is unaware that she and her tracking dog, Cisco, are walking into a hotbed of corporate intrigue involving espionage and stolen technology. Everyone at the retreat is a suspect, and no one can be trusted. And none of them is aware that, while their small drama plays out, a much bigger threat is stalking them.

On a routine survival exercise, the group becomes stranded in the wilderness with an ice storm moving in.  With all communications disabled, they are completely cut off from the modern world and being hunted by a man to whom killing is a way of life.   One by one their members are picked off and the survivors must rely on Raine and Cisco to lead them to safety.  But as the killer draws ever closer, even Raine is no longer sure where safety lies.

Don’t miss this thrilling first installment in The Hunter Saga, Raine and Cisco’s most harrowing adventure yet!

Coming in PRINT May 30, and on Audible this summer. 


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