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FLASH OF FIRE picks up in the late summer after the events of FLASH IN THE DARK, with new challenges and a new mystery to solve for Aggie, Flash, Grady and friends.

The peaceful Gulf Coast community of Dogleg Island has almost returned to normal after the terrifying battle with a drug cartel six months ago.  However, there have been a lot of changes on Dogleg Island, and not all of them benign. 

Police Chief Aggie Malone and her canine assistant Flash are glad to be back to the ordinary business of small-town policing again, but their move into their new office is not entirely without its challenges. Old ghosts haunt the hallways of their new headquarters as they struggle to overcome the memories of its tragic past.   While Aggie and her husband Grady excitedly await the birth of their first child, Grady is faced with an unexpected career change. Old friends are leaving, while others are coming home. Flash, whose self-appointed job it is to make sense of the ways of the world, finds all the changes exciting.  Aggie is not so sure.

In the midst of all this, the beaches of Dogleg Island have been targeted by a group of environmental activists who insist upon exercising their right to peaceful protest in the most disruptive ways possible.   When a series of apparently harmless break-ins result in the theft of explosives, Aggie begins to suspect the environmentalists are not as peaceful as they appear.  And when a man is murdered, Aggie and Flash know that it’s only a matter of time before the troubles on Dogleg escalate into a crisis. And they are right.

Somewhere on the island a violent terrorist lurks, and it’s up to Aggie, Flash and Grady to find him before he makes his next move.  The problem is that only one person knows his identity, and that person may be even more dangerous than the terrorist.  As the clock ticks down toward disaster, Aggie and Flash find themselves caught up in a desperate guessing game… one in which one wrong move could prove deadly.

Flash of Fire is available to pre-order for your Kindle now. Paperback and Nook versions will be released November 29, with the Audible version following soon after.


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