The second installment in The Blood River Series is coming June 22!

 In this exciting follow-up to UNFIXABLE, Buck Lawson is doing his best to settle in to his new job as police chief in the little town of Mercy, Georgia.  He is once again called to face an unexpected challenge when skeletal remains are discovered on the property of a prominent citizen. The subsequent investigation uncovers a self-sustaining empire of crime that has been virtually unstoppable for almost 200 years.  It's up to Buck and his small band of  loyal officers to find  a way to dismantle the operation before anyone else dies.

I hope you enjoy UNSTOPPABLE on a beach with a cool drink!  Pre-order for Kindle HERE . Paperback, hardcover, and Nook editions will be released June 22.  Audible version coming later this summer.


Deck the Halls

Available in Print and for Kindle 

Happy Holidays everyone!

I wanted to do something special for my readers this year, so I decided that, instead of featuring just one of my fictional sleuths in a holiday book, that the only fair thing to do was to feature all three!  Here, together in one volume, are holiday mysteries from the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery series,  Dogleg Island mystery series, and the Blood River mystery series.  And, to be honest, I can't decide which story I like best!  Here is a description:

Three holiday parties, three holiday mysteries featuring your favorite sleuths:

Raine Stockton and Cisco in Angels in the Snow

While preparing for the annual Dog Daze Christmas party, Raine leaves on a secret Christmas errand and becomes trapped in a blizzard. Injured and alone, with a desperate criminal on the loose, a surprising canine hero comes to her rescue. But is it all a product of her imagination, or a genuine Christmas miracle?


Flash and Aggie in The Good Shepherd

A missing infant, a holiday pageant, and a priest determined to do the right thing no matter what the cost all come together to present Dogleg Island police chief Aggie Malone and her canine assistant Flash with one of their most unusual cases yet. When a routine call escalates into a kidnapping on the eve of the annual Dogleg Island Police Department holiday open house, Flash and Aggie are held hostage by a desperate man whose only chance for redemption may be the grace of the holiday season.


Buck Lawson in Welcome to Bethlehem

Police chief Buck Lawson wants his first Christmas in his new hometown of Mercy, Georgia, to be a memorable one, both for his family and the police officers under his command. But while preparing to host the traditional police department Christmas party, Buck’s home is burglarized by a Middle Eastern man who may be connected to far more violent crimes. As the investigation unfolds and unsettling connections to the past come to light, Buck fears this Christmas will be memorable for all the wrong reasons.     



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I'm so excited to announce that UNFIXABLE: A BUCK LAWSON MYSTERY is now available at your favorite retailer.    Unfixable, a spin-off from the popular Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series, is the first in the new Blood River series in which Raine's ex, Buck Lawson, sets out to clean up the town of Mercy, Georgia, and gets more than he bargained for.

You can read more about Unfixable here , or download a free sample from Amazon here. I think you'll like it!


With UNFIXABLE: A Buck Lawson Mystery, I launch my first new series in 6 years.  I couldn't be more excited!  

In this spin-off from the popular Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series, Former Hanover County Sheriff Buck Lawson leaves the mountains of North Carolina to take a job as the police chief of the small south Georgia town of Mercy, and soon finds himself in over his head.  For one thing, his predecessor has been murdered…

Leaving behind two failed marriages and a job that almost cost him his life, Buck is seeking a fresh start for himself and his new family.  But Mercy is a town with a past as dark as the Blood River that runs through it, and the crime that resulted in the death of the beloved former chief of police may have its roots in an evil that goes back generations.
Buck has inherited an unsolved homicide, a house that may well be haunted and a police department that is almost certainly corrupt.    It falls to Buck to free an innocent man and bring the former police chief’s killer to justice while he wades through the quagmire of incompetence and dishonesty that permeates his office.  His efforts are both hampered and assisted by a benevolent despot of a mayor who runs the town like her own fiefdom and is known to bend the law to suit her convenience.  His only true ally, Buck  comes to understand, is the dead man himself.

 When a young college student goes missing, Buck has reason to suspect foul play that may involve one of his police officers. He must rely on his gut to point him to those he can trust.  But as the evidence leads him closer to an unthinkable truth, he realizes he is retracing the footsteps of the former police chief.  Will the path lead him, as it did his predecessor, to his grave?  

You can read the first chapter for free  here

If you'd like to read an interview about how the series came to be, go here.

And enjoy the first installment in the Blood River Series September 16!

FLASH IN THE DARK, Dogleg Island Mystery # 5, Now Available

All your questions will be answered!

Dogleg Island Police Chief Aggie Malone has spent years searching for the identity of her birth father.  Now, thanks to a home DNA test, she has a lead… but it’s taking her in a direction she never could have imagined, and desperately does not want to go.  Because the evidence suggests that Aggie could be the daughter of the infamous Angelo, head of the deadly Ghost Syndicate crime empire. 

Matters become more complicated when Aggie’s canine partner, Flash, discovers an abandoned child on the beach. The little girl can tell them nothing about how she got there, but she is clutching a Santa Muerte statuette—a symbol of protection in Hispanic culture, but also the notorious insignia for a drug cartel.   Aggie’s husband, Deputy Sheriff Ryan Grady, becomes involved when the case intersects with his own investigation into the Ghost Syndicate, leading them all down a dark path fill with treachery and deceit in which no one is above suspicion.

Grady unearths a secret organization with sinister connections to the past that may provide the key to bringing down the Ghost Syndicate.  Aggie comes closer to discovering Angelo’s true identity and, perhaps, the truth about her own parentage.   But even as the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place, a plan for revenge that has been decades in the making is unfolding around them.  Unless Aggie, Grady and Flash can stop it they risk losing everything they love… even Dogleg Island itself.

Don’t miss this shocking conclusion to the “Angel Trilogy”!  


Murder Creek Now Available

It seems we've been waiting forever but the 14th installment in the Raine Stockton Mystery series goes on sale today.  Here are the Amazon links:   (print version) (kindle version) (nook version)

This is a good time to stay home and read, folks!

Murder Creek


Raine Stockton knows dogs, not kids.  Nonetheless, she is supremely confident in her ability to take care her fiancĂ©’s ten year old daughter, Melanie, for a week while he is out of town.   After all, how hard could it be?

But things get complicated when Raine and her golden retriever, Cisco, rescue a dog who is locked in a hot car in a remote Smoky Mountain park… and subsequently discover the owner of that car drowned in the creek only a few dozen yards away.  Was it an accident, or was it murder?

Raine is certain that she recognizes the abandoned dog from her puppy training class six years ago.  Mere months later, the dog, along with his three-year-old owner, disappeared from the child’s bedroom during the night and were never seen again.  Now the dog is back, and Raine is convinced his reappearance might hold the key to the truth about the missing child.  The problem is that no one believes her.

While Raine tries to unravel the mystery of the abandoned dog’s past—and a six-year-old missing child case—her ex-husband, criminal investigator Buck Lawson, opens an investigation into the death of the man in whose car the dog was found.  He soon finds himself involved in another cold case, one that leads him from an apparent serial killer in Florida to a murder in his own hometown.

The one thing that ties the two cases together is the dog whose shadowy history opens the door to questions better left unasked, and whose answers may prove to be deadly.  But when lives are in danger, it is up to Raine and Cisco to track down the truth, even though it means risking someone she loves. 

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