FLASH IN THE DARK, Dogleg Island Mystery # 5, Now Available

All your questions will be answered!

Dogleg Island Police Chief Aggie Malone has spent years searching for the identity of her birth father.  Now, thanks to a home DNA test, she has a lead… but it’s taking her in a direction she never could have imagined, and desperately does not want to go.  Because the evidence suggests that Aggie could be the daughter of the infamous Angelo, head of the deadly Ghost Syndicate crime empire. 

Matters become more complicated when Aggie’s canine partner, Flash, discovers an abandoned child on the beach. The little girl can tell them nothing about how she got there, but she is clutching a Santa Muerte statuette—a symbol of protection in Hispanic culture, but also the notorious insignia for a drug cartel.   Aggie’s husband, Deputy Sheriff Ryan Grady, becomes involved when the case intersects with his own investigation into the Ghost Syndicate, leading them all down a dark path fill with treachery and deceit in which no one is above suspicion.

Grady unearths a secret organization with sinister connections to the past that may provide the key to bringing down the Ghost Syndicate.  Aggie comes closer to discovering Angelo’s true identity and, perhaps, the truth about her own parentage.   But even as the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place, a plan for revenge that has been decades in the making is unfolding around them.  Unless Aggie, Grady and Flash can stop it they risk losing everything they love… even Dogleg Island itself.

Don’t miss this shocking conclusion to the “Angel Trilogy”!  


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