Pieces of Eight


A deadly explosion at an archeological dig on Dogleg Island plunges police chief Aggie Malone and her canine partner Flash into a dark mystery from the past.

On the other side of the bridge, Deputy Sheriff Ryan Grady, still reeling from the brutal assassination of his ex-partner, stumbles onto the site of a mass murder. 
In the midst of a state-wide manhunt for a desperate fugitive, Aggie deals with a new island administrator who threatens the future of police department, while Grady is stalked by a mysterious stranger with an agenda of his own. 

As the pieces of the investigations fall into place, Aggie and Grady begin to see that their cases, though separated by fifty years, are more alike than they are different… but only Flash knows how they are connected.  And by whom.

When a family tragedy is traced back to the elusive Ghost Syndicate, the fight for justice turns fiercely personal for Aggie, Grady, and Flash.  And this time it’s a fight they can’t afford to lose. 

Don’t miss this exciting sequel to Flash of Brilliance, nominee for Dog Writers Association of America’s Best Fiction Book of the Year!

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