Dogleg Island Mystery #3

It’s Flash’s favorite time of year, but the old-fashioned Christmas the Grady family has planned begins to unravel when Aggie’s investigation into a homicide hit-and-run leads to the arrest of her own brother-in-law and exposes a crime syndicate that’s responsible for spreading millions in counterfeit bills throughout the southeast.    A police informant turns up dead, and evidence suggests his murder may be the result of corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement.

Flash,  who is an expert at putting things together, understands that all these pieces of the puzzle are related, and with Aggie’s help they’ll soon be able to see the big picture.  But not even Flash can foresee the demons their search for the truth will unearth.  When the shadows from the past reach forward to cloud their future,  Aggie, Grady, and Flash find the limits of their loyalty tested, even as they discover the lengths to which they will go to protect the ones they love.

The events of Flash of Brilliance begin a turning point for Aggie, Grady, and Flash that will take their lives down a previously unforeseen path.  You won't want to miss this one!

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