Dog Days

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It's been ten years and ten books since Smoky Mountain Tracks  was first written, and the intrepid team of Raine and Cisco has been going strong ever since. To mark the occasion, The Raine Stockton Dog Mystery series returns to its cozy roots with DOG DAYS, in which the dog days of summer bring more than tourists to the Smoky Mountain town of Hansonville, North Carolina.

For Raine Stockton, owner and proprietor of Dog Daze Boarding and Training,  August is the busiest time of year.  She has all she can handle with a kennel full of dogs, a very strange new employee, and a  personal life that seems to be falling apart at the seams. The last thing she needs is another complication.  But when she takes in a gorgeous white golden retriever that was found covered in blood and wandering alone in a national park, the complications have only begun.

When the new dog escapes during the night, the search for her leads Raine and her irascible search-and-rescue dog, Cisco, to the scene of a tragic accident at the bottom of a gorge.  But was it an accident, or a well-planned murder? The answer to that question draws Raine into a dangerous intrigue in which she doesn’t know who to trust... one that will turn an afternoon at the fair into a deadly ordeal, and could end up costing Raine her life.

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