A special gift for Hummingbird House readers!  This short novella (about 80 pages) is offered for Kindle and Nook only this summer for $2.99.  It is not available in print.   

Paul and Derrick organize a Book Lovers’ Gala Weekend at the Hummingbird House, featuring none other than the Queen of Romance, Esmerelda Delaware, as their guest speaker.  Despite dire warnings from Harmony-- the Hummingbird House’s massage therapist, general manager, and resident mystic-- that the stars could not be more misaligned for such an event, they even invite the members of their old book club, many of whom they haven’t seen in years.  Of course, the problem with reunions is that everyone changes with time and some of those changes are more dramatic than others. Add to this a secret crush about to be made public, a secret identity about to be exposed, and an 84-year-old queen married to a 24-year-old prince, and the weekend quickly deteriorates into a web of deception and evasion. As they watch their grand extravaganza slowly spin into chaos, Paul and Derrick are forced to admit their mistakes, and are reminded once again that honesty is always the best policy… or is it?

If you enjoy this novella, look for a collection of similar stories-- to be offered in both print in electronic format!--in the future.  

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